About Us

Rick Benzel and Susan Shankin launched Over and Above Creative in 2013. Since then, we have become an award-winning publishing company that has edited, ghosted, designed, and/or published more than 100 books in a variety of genres: non-fiction, professional, fiction, and poetry.

We have four publishing imprints to serve your needs:

  • Over and Above Creative - non-fiction when you want to print offset and use our book distributor

  • New Insights Press -- non-fiction when you want to publish fast on KDP/Amazon

  • Precocity Press -- non-fiction and fiction when you want the best design and quick publishing on KDP/Amazon

  • Inspiration Pointe Press - fiction and poetry

We work closely with our clients to publish high-quality books that win awards and enhance the author's reputation. With a focus on excellence, we create books that stand out in the marketplace.

Let us help you bring your book idea to life. We offer a full range of editorial, design, publishing, and marketing services, including ghostwriting, editing, copyediting, cover and interior book design, publishing, printing, and book marketing support.

Contact Us:
Rick Benzel - rickbenzel@msn.com
Susan Shankin - sunnedae@gmail.com

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Crossing the Swamp book by John Shen
Crossing the Swamp book by John Shen
1st Place Winner - Best Business Book
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2024

Gold Medal Winner - 1st Place Business Books
Foreword Indies Book Awards 2024
Examples of Recent Awards Our Books Have Won
1st Place Winner - Small Press Books
Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2024