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What is the sound of no one asking a question?
How much time did it take to create this FAQ page?
Years (of experience).
Who wrote all these funny two-line quips on this website?
We did. And we’re available for greeting cards, too.
Can I send you some funny two-line quips for your website?
Sure. We’d love some help. Email Rick.

Q: When is the best time to contact you? Before I write my manuscript?
After it is done? Or when?

A: We encourage you to contact us as soon as you know you want to write a book. There are many options and alternatives that we can help you review and decide upon during the early stages of book planning. We can help you assess how long your book should be, what books compete with yours, how to sharpen your ideas and make your book stand out in the crowd, and whether you might want to do a short print run, print on demand, or eBook. We can counsel you regarding myriad matters that, the sooner you know about, the better off you will be if you can determine them early.

Q: What is the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing?

A: In traditional publishing, a publishing company agrees to publish an author’s book and distribute it for him or her. The publisher pays for the costs of editing, printing, and distribution. In return, the publishing house pays the author a royalty on all copies sold, typically around 8%. Sometimes a publishing company also gives the author an “advance” against royalty before the book is published. This often helps authors support themselves while they write the book. However, in todays’ world, advances are often small, just $5000 or $10,000 – not enough to live on for the months of time it may take to write a book. Also, to get a contract with a publishing company, authors almost always need to have a literary agent representing them. This means that you must write a formal “book proposal” first and query agents to see if they are interested in representing you. If they are, they may have you make changes in your proposal, then they send it to publishing houses, and perhaps you will get a contract. The whole process can take months, or even years. And if you get a contract, the publishing house usually cannot publish your book for at least 6 months to 18 months….even if your manuscript is fully written (which in most cases it is not).

In self-publishing, you have control over the entire process. You write your manuscript or hire a ghostwriter to work with you. Once it is done, you might also have an editor look it over if you wrote it yourself. Then you work with the designer to design your cover and interior. You can then choose to publish your book using print-on-demand technology to print just one book at a time as they are ordered, or you can do a “short press run” and print 1000 copies and take ownership of the inventory. Printing 1000 copies is always cheaper on a per book basis than print-on-demand. Additionally, you can produce an eBook in place or in addition to your printed book.

In both cases, authors are expected to do a lot of their own publicity and marketing. Even if you are published by a big New York publisher, they expect you to do social media, hire a PR agent, and make efforts to sell your book yourself.

Q: Why should I use your company instead of using
Amazon self-publishing services?

A: Over And Above Creative offers services that are, we believe and promise, at a much higher level than you can receive if you publish directly with Amazon. As professionals in publishing, we bring to you our decades of experience working at major publishing companies with a wide range of authors. You receive the benefit of true publishing professionals who have helped numerous authors create high quality, successful books, including NY Times bestsellers. We offer highly customized and personalized service. We work with each of our authors on a very individual level, helping focus and sharpen your ideas, improve your writing, and designing an attractive, eye-catching book cover and interior. We never use templates or shortcuts. We also help our authors understand the publishing business and how to maximize their opportunities for income and reputation-building.

Q: How much does it cost to use your services?

A: Each book is different, and it depends on which services you will need. Do you want ghostwriting? Or just editing? For your book design, does your book need only a simple cover or does it need a very complex cover with imagery and many typefaces? There are so many ways to plan and cost out a book project that the only way we can estimate your costs is to speak with you. Contact Rick Benzel to initiate a discussion and we will be happy to give you an estimate.